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Mindset is Overrated

This week’s controversial topic of “Mindset is Overrated” is one that gets blow-back in almost every audience. But it’s incredibly refreshing insights will open your mind to what it really takes to be successful, achieve more personal best performances and more… Action builds mindset! Think about and put into place the little actions on a […]


In this episode, we explore “stress” but more importantly the “Outlets” of stress. The quality of your outlets determines the quality of your life. Learn about: the true definition of stress – defining the difference between eustress and distress 4 outlets of anger how to create positive outlets why people over-eat the ugly outlet of […]

Ep 1 : The Good Human Vibe

Podcast produced by Author, Lifestyle Entrepreneur and Former Pro Athlete, Scott Groves that’s designed to “Inspire Humans to Produce Their Greatest Good”. Listen to interviews, flying-solos and in-depth lessons – Enjoy! Download Episode


The Rock, the Log & the Salmon

The workplace is like a great river. An environment with 3 main characters. The Rock. It’s heavy. It pulls people down. It pulls down ideas. It sits there – motionless. Cold and immovable. Everything flows on by around it. But the rock is oblivious to whats really going on. The big picture eludes the rock […]


Restart Like a Startup

If you’re an established business, 5 years or longer, have the systems in place and are wondering how to get to the next level – maybe you need to re-start like a startup… Here’s a few things to re-consider if you want growth. First 5 Years “Do whatever it takes”. Any job. Any hours. Any […]


Drowning in Dribble

Are you adding value to humans? Or writing to satisfy search engines? Lately, I’m finding myself drowning in a sea of dribble. Long winded blogs and articles that feel like they’ve forgotten who the real reader is. SEO experts will argue all day long about the length of content or you won’t rank. Good copywriters […]

Winding Down or Gearing Up?

End of year reveals insights into your mindset. As a business, are you winding down – taking your foot off the pedal, backing off your marketing because no one buys at this time of year now…. or Are you gearing up – already planned next years goals, implementing systems now, ramping up new creations and […]