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Exponential Thinking

Businesses need to stop thinking so linear. It’s not only costing some companies, it’s killing them. And worse yet, we as a society are still deep in the same ole traditions of training, teaching and governing that re-enforce linear-type thinking. Exponential growth is sweeping the world. It’s in technology. It’s in software. It’s in leadership […]

Astro Teller : Genius of Celebrating Failure

The man behind Google X and the world’s first driverless cars, reveals his X secrets to achieving big dreams as he works with a Team of people changing the world. Listen to this short Ted Talk video as he reveals the “Unexpected Benefits of Celebrating Failure” and how to build a culture that makes people […]

Urgent vs Important

Your brain loves urgent. It’s the ego part of the brain that enjoys the drama of attention. Urgent sits there screaming at you. It wants you to notice. Meanwhile, the quite and wise important projects sit and wait for you to do your part. You act on the important and it rewards you with progress. […]

Original Thought

Original Thought from Immortals What is “original thought”? How do we recognise it when someone has it? How do we grow it – in schools, business, socially? In the hustle-bustle of todays mass content coming from masses of people, fewer people really conjure original thought. I stare at bookshelves and read countless books only to […]

How Authentic Are You Being?

There’s two kind of creators. It doesn’t matter if you are a blogger, leader, youtuber, politician, marketer or salesperson – the message you put out there is either authentic or tailored to the audience. There’s the marketer who works up a message full of keywords, customer motives and aims to please an audience for a […]

The Path of Least Resistance

Resistance is your only obstacle to success. Most resistance is internal. For all the banter and talk about external obstacles, it is the internal obstacles you must command. Master the internal and you can overcome almost any external obstacle. The barrier to success lies hidden in that twinge of resistance you feel about putting yourself out […]


Get Lost

Get Lost. Two simple words that can enrich the human soul. In a world of certainly, stagnation and monotony – one of the best ways to get in touch with nature, excitement and the love of life again is to get lost. Think of yourself like an explorer. To explore, one must be lost. Otherwise […]