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Source of Mastery

 Is discipline is the single most important quality in life? To form habits requires discipline. To build a great business requires discipline. To carve a great body requires discipline. Action is important, but discipline implies repetition. And…
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Want better results in life? There is one simple answer to those who want to change their circumstances. The title of this blog "consistency" obviously gives it away. So now let's dissect it. You can't get fit doing 50 push ups just once…
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Business Lesson – Skim Clean or Cut Down?

What I am about to share with you applies to business systems, leadership, sales and marketing, lead generation systems - you name it!!! It's a simple principle but powerful nonetheless. Over the Xmas holidays I did some of the usual around…

Free 60 Second Gravatar Set Up

Show Your Face! Just joking... would be nice to see who's making comments. Watch this video to learn how to. Cheers. Scott
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Don’t Prejudge

In sales, we are all taught - "Don't Prejudge!" Well how would you go if faced with this situation?
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Track, Measure, Report

Pearson's Law. Carl Pearson, later known as Karl Pearson (1857–1936) was an influential English mathematician who is credited for coining the following phrase... "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves…
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Miracle – Part 2

A few days passed and our little man had his 7th birthday. And yes, he got his new bike. Here's what's really cool! The next morning he asked for an apple to be put in with his lunch. As parents who have seen it all before, we fully…