Business at the Speed of Sport

Sport provides great lessons and insights into business. With endless metaphors about winning and failing, most times business reaps the benefits of sporting mentality. But in business, there’s still an old school perception that gets held…
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Exponential Thinking

Businesses need to stop thinking so linear. It’s not only costing some companies, it’s killing them. And worse yet, we as a society are still deep in the same ole traditions of training, teaching and governing that re-enforce linear-type…

Urgent vs Important

Your brain loves urgent. It's the ego part of the brain that enjoys the drama of attention.Urgent sits there screaming at you. It wants you to notice. Meanwhile, the quite and wise important projects sit and wait for you to do your part. You…

Your Mental Strength Test

Your Mental Strength Test Ever witnessed this happening to people as they begin to change their life? Maybe even yourself? You start out with a commitment to improving your situation and circumstances only to find yourself 3 months later still…
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Business Principle - "Wedding Day"

Statistics in life? Chances of success? Wedding? Business? How does all this tie together? Read on for weird but on the money insight...Of all the business principles that lead to success, there is one that likens itself to a wedding…
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Business Perspective

I often wonder how many arguments arise because of a little lipstick or makeup left on a collar.And I'm not talking about the suspicious coming home from work like that - but the opposite - leaving for work with a clean shirt, only to be…
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Learn, Grow and Improve

You can re-invigorate yourself with the simple act of learning something new.Whether it be something that improves your health, your business, your mind or simply for the pure fun of it - the mental stimulation can spark surges in energy.To…