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Sales Avenue

The item you want to sell and it's actual value rarely dictates how much money you get for it. What adds value, is credibility and the sales avenue you use to sell it. For example... I have a signed Brisbane Broncos Jersey from their Premiership…
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Internet Marketing Strategy and Common Sense

Are people getting too "techy" for their own good? The battle for top rankings in Google is fierce - no doubt about it. There are certain keywords that people are paying a fortune for. You can burn through thousands in a couple of hours on…
Learn | Grow | Improve |
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Learn, Grow and Improve

You can re-invigorate yourself with the simple act of learning something new. Whether it be something that improves your health, your business, your mind or simply for the pure fun of it - the mental stimulation can spark surges in energy. To…
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Good Advice - How Can You Tell?

Advice is an interesting subject. How do you tell if what someone has told you is good advice or not? Well, human beings are funny creatures. And our innate process of judging and pre-judging can affect ourselves more than we know. Imagine…
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Leadership vs Status Quo

Leaders challenge the status quo. Managers maintain it. Managers believe they have "been there and done it" and it cannot be done any better so they therefore are negative. Leaders believe there are people that can do things better than…
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Marketing Insight - Self Promotion

Many business owners and marketers find it infinitely easier to market someone's else product than their own. But have you ever wondered why? Marketing someone else's product, service or business is much easier to be viewed objectively.…
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Idea Factory

There is no shortage of ideas in this world. Everyday people come up with abundance of cool ideas that would improve this world, make our lives easier and probably yield them a windfall if they acted on it. So it's not lack of ideas. It's…