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Don't Prejudge

In sales, we are all taught - "Don't Prejudge!" Well how would you go if faced with this situation?
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Track, Measure, Report

Pearson's Law. Carl Pearson, later known as Karl Pearson (1857–1936) was an influential English mathematician who is credited for coining the following phrase... "That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves…
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Fifty to One

When you are a complete rookie in sales, everything you learn instantly makes an improvement of 50% or more. When you have some experience you will still find areas where you can improve with chins as big as 10%. When are experienced,…
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Miracle - Part 2

A few days passed and our little man had his 7th birthday. And yes, he got his new bike. Here's what's really cool! The next morning he asked for an apple to be put in with his lunch. As parents who have seen it all before, we fully…
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It's a Miracle... My Child Ate Fruit!!!

Every parents knows that sinking feeling. You've tried everything and your kid won't budge. It's a famous battle of persistence and the little bugger is winning. Well, tonight I won one for the parents - and here's how I did it. First,…
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Truth Hurts

Hearing the truth sucks! It often hurts. But without it, growth is difficult if not downright impossible. I have learnt a few things about the truth recently. And whilst these are not new to any of us who have been on the receiving end…
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#1 Role of Sales Management

If you are a Sales Manager dealing with the day-to-day business of sales management, then you know the massive amount of things you need to keep your eyes on. There's the sales figures, marketing data, lead sources, monthly targets you need…