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The Good Human PodcastScott Groves

Ep 4 : Streak

Download Episode #1 reason people get good at something is a “Streak”. EXCERPT From The Book "The Power of Subconscious Goal Setting" ***** Jerry Seinfeld is probably the most successful comedian in the history of the world.…
The Good Human PodcastScott Groves

Is Automatic Success Just Theory?

My question to you... If human beings are creatures of habit, and our habits create automatic actions that we engage in without any conscious thought, then isn't every human being programmed for automatic success? Even if our programming…
The Good Human PodcastScott Groves
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Want better results in life? There is one simple answer to those who want to change their circumstances. The title of this blog "consistency" obviously gives it away. So now let's dissect it. You can't get fit doing 50 push ups just once…